Our Team

"Team" is a word which is derived from Old English with the original meaning of family, offspring, or a tandem pulling a vehicle. And it also means a group of persons formed with the purpose of solving a certain problem or attaining a certain goal. As a family enterprise embracing values such as responsibility, dedication, training, further education, trust and respect as well good income and livelihood, we use the word in its original meaning when referring to the TRIPLEX team.

It comes as no surprise that this text about the word "team " is found on the websites of all Infinex Group companies. Within the Infinex team, we all regard each other as fellow team members and make use of all available common synergies wherever and whenever they present themselves.
Front Sales: Carina Hofer
  Stephan Kreidler
  Christian Lenk
  Nadine Noll
  Jennifer Steininger
  Jan Rupčić
Management Assistenz: Maria Schöck
Order Management: Elke Ströbele
Customer Service: Anke Hocevar
  Dorothee Kreckel
  Goreta Maric
  Karin Schmid-Müller
  Jasmin Schaible
  Monica Schlotterbeck
  Gesine Wachter
  Elvira Neto-Wolleydt
Sales Infinex North America Corp.: Stephan Kreidler
  Carina Hofer
Business: Christian Engelhardt
Purchasing Management: Nicole Schuler
Purchasing: Melania Costa
Accounting: Elke Maier
Head of Human Resources: Manuela Häußler
Marketing Management: Kristin Hartl-Pütz
Assistant to Managing Director: Patricia Young-Seeger
Managing Director: Martin Hartl